Tattoo Love
Sometimes the best thing you can do is turn your back and never look over your shoulder again

Sometimes the best thing you can do is turn your back and never look over your shoulder again

A man

There once was a man
Who held the secret to my heart
He came into my life
And tore my whole world apart,
A character he was
Someone who wasn’t very true
For he told the perfect lie
Saying to me, “I love you”
He had me going
I believed all the words from him
He stole my everything
And he’s so proud of his win
For this man deceived me
Not only once but twice
No more chances I’ll say
No more rolls of the dice.
For fooling me once,
Was a great defeat in it’s own
But not a second time
I wish that I’d had known
Not to trust that bastard
Because I know what’s true
I’ll never believe the lies
Cause I’d never walk away from you
My love was true
I’d have given my life for his
Mine’s not worth it
But to me it is, if he lives.
Maybe one day
This will all work out
I can’t see the future

But Ill make next time count

Screw you

So I was asked to write a pros and cons list.. and I’m not even sure to where to start with my pen and paper. I shouldn’t have to write a pros and cons list in order to figure out whether or not I want what I have or whether or not it is worth it. To be honest.. I am sick of giving more of myself to situations than I would ever get in return. To many times I get myself involved in a situations where I give my all and I don’t get anything close to what I am giving it. I am beyond myself. How dare I get called I am being selfish. FUCK THAT SHIT BRO! Do you even realize what you have.. maybe some people are right that you are not ready to be in a serious relationship with someone like me. I’d almost rather be single than have to deal with something of this nature. Its pathetic how much better you think that you are in this regards. 

Loving you is not an option. Loving you is what I must do. Loving you is like breathing air, drinking water, feeding my body. Loving you is necessary to my survival
I met a boy who completes my world

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday dearest me

Happy Birthday to me

sometimes words cant describe the way someone makes you feel
I just want to be killing some Nazi Zombies